President of the company, Nikollaq Neranxi


Neranxi” company is established in 1991 with its main scope of activity: import – export, wholesales and retail, representation of foreign companies in the food sector. The residence of the company is  located in the Highway Durrës-Tiranë. It is a big commercial group with a processing and packaging factory of dry fruits, factory for production of cardboard, paper and plastic packing, warehouses, refrigerator rooms, laboratories, exhibitions and market, reception facilities, instruction facilities, seminar and demonstration rooms, offices, restaurant, parking lot, reception rooms for foreigners and a distribution network with means of modern transport.  “Neranxi” is present in most of the Albanian market: Republic of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro. It owns 80% of the market in Albania for the sales of the above cited goods. The trading network where the articles of Neranxi are sold and resold is extended in 25 shops of 11 districts: Tiranë, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Korçë, Lezhë, Lushnjë, Pogradec, Shkodër, Vlorë.


– Technical assistance in the clients’ facilities.
– Specialization courses for pastry-cooks, cooks, bakers.
– Samples of new articles.
– Transport of goods.
– Specialized clothing, “Neranxi”, caps, shirts, aprons.

  1. Catalogues of products
  2. Different posters

“Neranxi” has the representation of the most prestigious companies worldwide for the production of the raw materials on:

  1. Confectionaries
  2. Jelly and ice products
  3. Dough products
  4. Raw materials for cuisines, restaurants, fast food, pica shops, bars etc.

We own all types of paper and plastic packing, used for the byproducts of the food industry. 
We own all types of equipment used by pastry- cooks, ice cream specialists, cooks, bakers, pica specialists, barmen etc. 
We also own machinery for the production of ice creams, refrigerating equipment etc. 
 Additionally, “Neranxi” imports dry fruits and herbs from all over the world and owns processing and packaging factories in this respect.

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